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High Summer 2014
Add more glitter...

The sweetness of summer...
Strawberries, swimming, lazy days in the sun and dancing in the moonlight... Sundresses, flowers, flipflops - and sleeping under the stars...
So many exciting hours ahead, and we have translated this into a small collection of items that will help add more glitter to this wonderful time of the year. Our wish is that you take it to the max and add infinite amounts of colour and glitter to your lives.
Come on... just throw that party, and have a nice RICE Summer!

Ceramics 2014

'Live - love - laugh’ has been the clear mission for RICE as long as I can remember - and it is actually also the simple version of my own purpose on this planet.
Adding color to this equation just makes it all a bit brighter and happier - and it truly is necessary for me to live colorfully and surrounded by colors.
Enjoy this beautiful mix of handmade ceramics - made in Italy and Portugal. A colorful tablesetting lifts the spirit and adds to everyday magic moments.
Let’s color the world happier together!

Spring Summer 2014
Add more glitter...

As you may have discovered, we like to work around a few words in every collection and we have had some pretty great ones over the years - all of them with some message that we find important... 

Remember to dance, Stay Playful, Live Love Laugh, Choose to Chill, Fun Funky and Fabulous - are just some of them...

For Spring Summer 14 - taste the words - ADD MORE GLITTER... A lovely mantra for the coming season! So many situations where adding more glitter - just as a figure of speach - is really helpful and mood lifting.

I seem to be attracted to all things that glitter and sparkle at the moment - and I always love people who shine and shimmer... We have a bit of glitter, silver and gold in the collection, but most of all we have lots of lovely products that will add glitter and shine to your summer events and to your homes.

Autumn Winter 2013
Happy Home - Choose to Chill

Welcome to our ”Happy Home” collection. This year we are celebrating lots of different things – including my book and our love of making homes happier and more colorful! 

The subtitle and the working title for this collection has also been “Choose to Chill”… a phrase I got from John C. Parkin, author of the “F**k it” book. I love that phrase – Choose to Chill – and I try to do that as often as I can. ...

This is the first collection made together with designer Joëlle Wehkamp from Holland. We hope you will fall in love with our “Happy Home – Choose to Chill” collection.

Bags 2013
Awesome News

We have been working hard on our new ”AWESOME bag collection” for quite some time and are happy to finally be able to present it to you; Please welcome our AWESOME coated canvas bags in an array of fabulous prints... and there’s surely a bag for every occasion!

Each bag has its own little story to tell… this is the beginning of a beautiful love affair…

High Summer 2013
It's a Rhubarb Red Summer

When strawberry meets rhubarb... I am always very happy through and through - it is a sure sign of Summer and lots of sweet sunny days.

We are thrilled to offer you lots of opportunities to glam up your summer days and those balmy looooong nights as well.

Spring & Summer 2013
RICE to the Stars the name of our new Spring & Summer 2013 collections. It is filled with colourful products as always – we just can’t help it! We see it as our mission to Sprinkle Happiness into Every Day Life by making fun and functional items.


"RICE UP - for a brighter World"”

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