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At RICE many of us share a passion for food and all good things in life. With this in mind our Delicious Italian tableware was a natural extension of  our product line - we have now been working with it for the last 5 years and falls more and more in love with it…

The initial idea was to make a mix and match series of hand made and hand painted products, items to collect - a funky version of the old table settings some of us might have been lucky enough to inherit from our Grandmothers.

We still sign up to the first thoughts - we love that it is made in Italy and we are mad about the fact that every piece is hand made.

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Personally I get so much joy out of this beautiful and colourful italian tableware, food just looks better on these plates; my eyes are delighted so often, an avocado on the orange plate, a fig on the mint plate, a tomato salad in the yellow bowl... Simple but nice.

Everytime I go to Italy I get the feeling I belong there. In a previous life I surely must have been a petite dark haired and sexy looking Italian woman roaming the streets on a pink Vespa....

Keep in mind that our tableware is hand painted in Italy and because of this, every item varies slightly in colour and in its style of painting. The Italian Tableware is dishwasher safe - beauty and function all in one - a rare combination, but just what we need! 

Buon Appetitio...
Founder RICE

Watch our video from Tuscany here – truly handmade and handpainted...





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