Business with a heart

RICE is all about fun, funkyness and functionality, but we do work with our hearts as well, and we know that we can make a difference by acting responsibly.

Since RICE was founded in 1998 it has been important to us to be socially responsible, and have an ethical approach to doing business.

Most of our products are made by workers in third world countries. Therefore we make sure, that all of our joyfully colourful things are produced with high regards to human rights, healthy labour conditions and with no use of child labour.

RICE also do charity and take an active part in developmental projects around the world. We cooperate with different organisations on creating viable and socially responsible development in third world countries.

A special RICE way of giving support is the RICE–up products, where the surplus from certain products helps developmental projects in third world countries.

We firmly believe that no one can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.

Have a look at this video getting started with CSR - a RICE project in India:

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