RICE school project in Burma/Myanmar update


During 2010 RICE has cooperated with the Danish Refugee Council on building a school in southern Burma/Myanmar. The area was struck hard by the cyclone Nargis in 2008, where many schools were destroyed.

To raise funds for the project, RICE designed a range of Melamine lunchboxes and related products, and named the line “Send me to school”, and every time RICE sold a product from the line, 50% was donated to the project.

The building consists of 3 class rooms and 4 unit latrines, and will be great surroundings for the some 700 school children in Sar Chet and the villages near the school.


The building will also provide safe shelter in case of extreme weather conditions, such as floods and high velocity winds. It is also constructed to withstand earthquakes, such as the horrible earthquake that affected both Burma/Myanmar and Thailand in March.

See the video on the Myanmar School Project:

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