Code of Conduct

At RICE we don’t just believe in a better world - we work for it!

In 2002 RICE got the SA8000 certification as the first company in Scandinavia – and obviously we are very proud of that.

The SA8000 is both a checklist and a way of dealing with the developmental process of our suppliers.

When we choose new suppliers, we make sure that they uphold the ethical standards of RICE. Where improvements are needed, we engage in a long lasting cooperation with the supplier and use the SA8000 standard as a tool in the developmental process.

SA8000 is an international standardized code of conduct for improving working conditions around the world.

The certification is not just a nice badge of honour it is also RICE’s promise to continuously work on building a socially responsible business.

The central points of SA8000 are:

• No child labour
• No forced labour
• Ensure safe and healthy working conditions
• Ensure freedom of association and the workers right to collective bargaining
• No discrimination of any kind
• No physical or mental punishment
• Proper working hours, and ensure one day off as minimum
• Wages must comply with the law, and meet the needs of workers and their families

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