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About RICE

RICE is a Danish homewares and accessories company. The colorful products are all about fun and funky functionality, designed to make you feel happy in your everyday life.

Founded in 1998 by Charlotte and Philippe Hedeman-Gueniau, the company has grown from a small family business to an internationally recognized design brand. With headquarters in Odense, Denmark, RICE is now out in more than 30 countries, with sales personnel located in Greece, Israel, Japan, Singapore and New Zealand.

Charlotte and Philippe – the founders of RICE
The concept of RICE was born after a long lunch in the French countryside, with Charlotte’s good old friend Hans - he lived in Thailand and already worked with home ware. RICE was established in 1998, when Charlotte and Philippe, after years in Paris, moved back to Denmark with their newborn, Max. They brought with them the idea of Rice. From their home in Denmark, they would sell the products Hans produced, along with products from Madagascar.

Since then, their lives have magically transformed into a world of fun and colour.

From the beginning, it has been Charlotte’s sense of colour and style, and Philippe’s sense of the financials that have formed the basis of RICE. This personal touch is also present when looking at the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility profile – ever since the couple bought the first shipment of bags it has been natural for them to make sure that all products are produced with high regards to human rights and local labour laws.

Charlotte and Philippe now run a successful business with friends and family.

Philippe Gueniau

Board of Directors: 
Philippe Gueniau (Chairman )
Charlotte Hedeman-Gueniau
Michelle Hviid
Brian Djernes


Chairman and founder Philippe Gueniau
Creative director and founder Charlotte Hedeman-Gueniau
Logistics manager, CSR responsible Claus Skov

The RICE people - employees
35 in our offices and stock in Denmark
5 in our office Thailand and 1 in our office in China
14 in our sales offices around the world

RICE around the world
RICE is constantly expanding to more countries, spreading fun funkiness and colorful functionality in many stores across Europe and the rest of the world. We have showrooms in Germany, Holland and Denmark.  

We have distributors in Israel, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai, Hongkong, Taiwan Australia, South Korea,  and New Zealand, and sell our products in more that 45 countries. 

We have suppliers in Thailand, India, China, Madagascar, Taiwan, Portugal and Italy. The amount of suppliers varies in each collection, but we can have up to 40 suppliers in a collection. 

Corporate Social Responsibility
Code of conduct
CSR in our production

RICE has a strong social and ethical profile, and our suppliers must adhere to the same values, and uphold the rules, defined in the code of conduct. To ensure this, RICE evaluates suppliers before engaging in collaboration with the supplier. A checklist based on the principles of the

SA8000 standard is used to evaluate facilities and procedures of the supplier.

When we decide to work with a supplier, we define areas of improvement and begin cooperation on the improvement process.
Subsequently we perform follow-up audits, to check up on improvements and to continually ensure that the supplier upholds our requirements.

In 2002 RICE was certified according to the SA8000 standard for ethical work conditions, as the first company in Scandinavia. The SA8000 certification ensures that we comply with each country’s local labour laws. We ensure a healthy and safe work environment and do not use child labour or any kind of forced labour in our production.

RICE Supports Global Compact

RICE joined the UN Global Compact in 2006 and we use the principles of Global Compact as guidelines in our work. We are part of a business network under global compact, working to mainstream ethical business behavior, and work to realize the Millennium Development Goals.

Social Accountability Report – RICE reports to the Global Compact

RICE take part in a number of projects that we feel will make a difference in the world. A number of those are projects carried out in cooperation with the Danish Refugee Council, who we think shares our concern for aiding families and children in particular, in the hotspots of the world.
Projects RICE has participated in:

RICE Campaign to support Japan – Rice campaign to raise funds for the Danish Red Cross’ emergency aid to Japan, following the earthquake in March, 2011.
Lakshya (Hindi for Goal) Project – where some of our bags are produced on a small factory run by former street children. The profit from the production helps them run a small orphanage, who takes in children who would otherwise live around the train station in New Delhi.
Spoon Full of Hope 09– (a collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council) where we donate 24 servings of soup to refugee families in Mogadishu every time we sell a spoon.
Spoon Full of Hope 08 – (a collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council) where we donate a cooking set to refugee families in Darfur every time we sell a spoon.
Cup Full of Hope – (a collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council) where we donate a 20l jerry-can and a wash kit to a refugee family in Africa every time we sell a set of cups.
Danish Red Cross Charity event – Where we collected 35.600 € to a campaign in October 2009.

Send me to school project - RICE School in Burma/Myanmar –– where we have built a school in cooperation with Danish Refugee Council. We donate 50% of the surplus from selling a specially designed line of melamine products to help give children an education and a future in the area, damaged by a cyclone in 2008. See the latest updates from our Send me to School project.

"Keep smiling - be RICE!"”

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