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In color we trust

This saying is so true - it just comes from somewhere deep within... With our products we wish to bring color to your home - to every room from your dressing room, living room, kitchen, kids room and even your outdoors! And to add that extra touch - check out our RICElife section!

Melamine Cups

Our well known cups in Orginal RICE melamine...

Raffia Baskets

Raffia baskets for all your bits and pieces...

Storage Houses

Our popular toy storage basket collection offer the best combination of fun and practicality.

Ceramic Plates

Ceramic plates made for you with love...

New Collection

Just be Awesome, In Color We Trust, Remember to Dance, Stay Playful... Those are just a small selection of the words we have been working with for some of our collections.

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How much love can you fit into your lunchboxes? I would say an awesome lot... We love making lunches... Little notes, neon coloured rubber bands, polkadotted twist ties, printed sandwich paper. The possibilities to RICE up your lunch is endless!

Product Information

We believe that you will get the most out of your RICE product if you treat them well and in the right way. For more information, please read more about our products here...

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Storage houses

The well-known raffia storage boxes was introduced in 2007 and ‘Rice-ville’ keeps expanding with every collection. The boxes are all handmade with lots of details and hand embroidery. Even though they were originally intended as a more interesting storage options for the kids room, it is not unheard of, that adults purchase these for their own use as well.